Paigemom (paigemom) wrote in pagan_writers,

Announcing a new Pagan book distributor

Seven Tines Books is a book distributor/seller of quality small press, self-published and Print-On-Demand (POD) books of interest to the Pagan community.

I am seeking additions to Seven Tines Books' catalogue which will be sent to every possible online and physical Pagan shop in the United States.

Seven Tines Books believes there are well-written, informative, and/or entertaining POD, small press and self-published books of interest to the Pagan community and that the community deserves to know about these books -- including yours.

I am looking for:

Non-fiction books that are:
*the author's original material (translations excepted)

Fiction books that are:
*realistic (no "Charmed" powers, please!)
*peopled with sympathetic characters

I will consider poetry; I prefer poetry that could be used in a ritual setting.

All books *must* be free or nearly free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

If you would like to be considered for addition to the list of Seven Tines' sales catalogue and have your work sold at various Pagan events, please sent me a brief query. Please include the following in your query:

*a brief (6 to7 sentences) overview of your book
*a 100-word biography
*How much your publisher sells the book to the general public and how much you are charged for author copies

This is your chance to show me your writing st yle as well as sell me on your book.

I don't have agree with what your book says or even like what your book says, but I must love how you say it.

Please send the query to with "query" somewhere in the title.

Questions? Contact Bronwen Forbes at the email address above or check out the website.

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