Michelle Belanger (sethanikeem) wrote in pagan_writers,
Michelle Belanger

Dusting off the Cobwebs

So ... it's been a while since I started this community. I had a lot of drive for where I wanted this to go when I first started it up, and then I found myself with less and less time for side projects. pagan_writers was one of the first things to get put on a shelf.

I've been an absent parent since then, and frankly I'm amazed to see that the community is still limping along despite my long negligence. But perhaps that's because the community itself is a good idea. However, if it's to flourish, I really need to put it into hands that can do something with it.

I've just added elorie as a mod for this community. I would also like, ideally, to add ysbetwordsmith and lupagreenwolf. If this is a responsibility that either of the two of you would be interested in holding, please respond when you have a moment of time.

I'll remind everyone here that the one and only rule I established for the community was to play nice with one another. I've never felt the need to warn anyone to adhere to that rule until now. I don't like the fact that I've had to remind anyone about something as basic as common courtesy. I'm not feeling particularly tolerant of tomfoolery, so please do behave.

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I have a suggestion, which is that if people post or link to articles or works-in-progress they should say in so many words if they want feedback, and also indicate what kind of feedback they want. Including if you just want encouragement. That is a legitimate thing to want, but it's not the only useful thing that a group of other writers has to offer.
Very true. And while moral support is essential -- especially for new writers trying to break into this market -- technical advice can be far more useful in the long-run. It can be hard not to feel a little hurt even by constructive criticism -- especially when you're just starting out. But one of the things I really wanted to try to encourage by starting this community was to help Pagan writers hone their art as professionals. For the longest time, because this market is so specialized, a lot of Pagan authors were Pagans first and writers by necessity. I think we can shoot for greater expertise, eloquence, and style than perhaps has been settled for in the past. Sharing articles, and then sharing tips to improve either the flow, research, references, or grammar, can help everyone improve their craft.

Thank you for asking; I'm going to have to pass, though, as I'm already overextended between school and writing and everything else, and I couldn't reliably commit to doing more than cursory "Oh, this is spam?" *delete* kind of stuff.